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Everything You Should Know About Choosing an Engagement Ring.

Picking an engagement ring is an exciting event. Daily, people post pictures of their amazing rings about this should not fool you into thinking you will ace the process when it is your time to complete it. When looking for an engagement ring, you should not forget the 4Cs. There are used to stand for color, clarity, cut and carat weight. This is the accepted standard in determining the quality of diamonds.It is not easy to find diamonds with less color and the cut is how the rock will unleash light. You need clear diamonds because they have no blemishes and inclusions and the weight will determine the size. You need to determine the order of priority of these Cs for you to choose wisely. You need a clear understanding of the way diamonds are cut, the shapes and the cut quality. The shape is what you see when you view the diamond face up. You can easily find round shaped diamonds but there are other fancier shapes. Through the cutting styles, the facets of the diamonds will be born and the quality of the cut influences the ability of the rock to reflect light.

Once you have picked the rock, you will have to choose the metal the band should be made in. The ring band metal will influence the outlook of the end product. If you want a modern and sleek look, platinum and white gold are what you should go for. The setting is what holds the diamond in place and it highlights the beauty of the rock as well as protects it from getting damaged. You will have about three options which are halo, bezel and prong setting.

For people who fancy side stones, they are great for the engagement rings. Side stones are known to make the ring appear more sophisticated. You have a number of options but whatever you do, it should not make the center stone look dull. It is important to expose the diamond to different lighting conditions to understand the reflection much better. Expose the diamond to spot light, diffused light, mixed light and natural daylight and see how it fares. You need people to be awed at the kind of a rock you have on your finger meaning it should reflect light well in the environment you will be at the most and this should be your deal breaker when shopping for an engagement ring.

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